Centre Pieces

centre pieces
Ranges of exciting centrepieces are now available to enhance your special event adding sophistication and colour to your chosen venue.

Having numerous choices of floral designs, blossom trees, halo rings, birdcages, crystal Lazy-Susans’ and more can be quite overwhelming. At Vivah Decorations we help you create an extravagant centerpiece ideal for your event.   

Crystal Lazy Susans –

Our double tier crystal Lazy Susans are the must have for any event as they provide the ease of a 360° rotation so your guests can enjoy the hot food being served. The double tier provides spaces for bowls, bottled/jugged drinks and sauces. Each Lazy-Susan is fully compatible with the large variety of centrepieces we have offered. Both Tiers are finished with crystals and are fully fitted with lights to add to that ‘sensational’ touch to each table.

For more information about our Crystal Lazy Susan’s, please contact us via the contact us page.